Mako Satin Bedding Set "Snow"

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Composition Cotton
MaterialMako satin

Mako satin is a light and very dense cotton fabric similar to silk. Mako satin is almost twice as dense as regular satin fabric and significantly softer because it is woven from very fine yarns. Breathable, non-slip, so you will feel comfortable while sleeping in such bedding. Mako satin fabric wears slowly, does not fade, is easy to iron. Although this extremely high-quality satin is about 30% more expensive than traditional satin fabric, those who value quality choose mako satin bedding. Once you have bought this bedding, you can't imagine another one, because the price difference serves the long-term benefit of your health.

Sizes: 145x210cm - 1 piece 50x70 cm.

220x240 cm - 2 pcs 50x70 cm.

180x210 cm - 2 pcs 50x70 cm.

200x200 cm - 2 pcs 50x70 cm.

220x200 cm - 2 pcs. 50x70 cm;

145x220 cm; 1 piece 50x70 cm.

Composition: Mako satin from 100% cotton.

Made in Lithuania.

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Mako Satin Bedding Set "Snow"

Mako Satin Bedding Set "Snow"


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